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Open to new projects
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– About me
My name is Max Bryzgalov. I am a freelance designer from Russia. I live in the city of Kurgan. In business since 2016. For several years before that I was involved in graphic design.The main principle I am guided by at the moment is to create something new every time.Even on the level of design I strive to rely on unique internal experience and problems of a particular company. Each project is a deep dive into a product, which allows me to influence it and come up with features that will form the basis of positioning. This is my main professional interest today.
My goal is to create simple and effective experiential solutions. I adhere to a holistic view of website creation, meaning that to be truly effective, a website must be based on more than an attractive design and a seamless user experience. It must tell a great story and engage users in that story.
– Skills
- Figma / Adobe XD / Sketch
- Tilda / Readymag / Webflow
- Principle & Adobe after effects
- Marvel & inVision
- Creative and analytical thinking
- Communication with team and clients
- Idea Generation
- Project Management
- Finding audience needs
- Research
- Prototyping
- UI design
– Work experience
Developed in iz
April 2020 - December 2020 / UX/UI designer
- Control of the entire product creation process: from the client's brief to the launch;
- Project management, art direction;
- Web and mobile interface design development;
- Tasking and controlling the work of contractors (designers, 3D-designers, production, creative, copywriters);
- Presentation of the work to the clients and protection of the solutions;
- Monitoring the quality of implementation;
- Searching for a design team for the project
September 2017 - present / UX/UI designer
- Finding and communicating with customers;
- Presenting work to clients and defending solutions;
- Web and mobile interface design development;
- Customer business problem analysis;
- Prototyping;
- Interface animation;
- Hypothesis generation;
- Tasking developers

Before you develop a project or design, you need to get as much information as possible. These are the goals, objectives, and context of the project. Send me a detailed description that includes the following information: who you are, core values, business goals, target audience, features needed, project scope or site map, timeline, examples of other sites or products you like and anything else you think is important.
Project evaluation

I will study your brief in detail and assess whether the project meets the conditions and requirements of both parties. If the requirements are the same, we will arrange a meeting (in person or via Skype / WhatsApp / Telegram, etc.) to decide how to proceed.

We discuss approaches and concepts to find the perfect solution for your needs. There may be several meetings or negotiations.
Prototype and design.

I will work on project structure, art direction, concept and design. I usually present the layout of the home page of the site as a concept, which shows the appearance of the final product. If necessary, separate layouts will be developed (for an additional fee). Once the concept is approved, I develop mock-ups of the inner pages of the site for various devices.

When the design is completely ready, the development team is connected to convert the design into an adaptive HTML layout and integration with the site management system. Customized functionality is developed and customized.
Testing and launching

No site can be launched until it has been tested and re-tested. The development team tests the site on different browsers and devices to identify and correct errors. Once all testing steps are completed, the site is ready to launch.
– Stages of the workflow
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